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The fishing on Table Rock Lake is hot, just like the Branson, Missouri summer weather.

We have been primarily fishing secondary points on the lower end. I fished a half or 3/4 oz jig Netbait pbj or green pumpkin with chompers twin tail grubs. Sitting the boat in 25 to 35 fow fishing very slowly drag the jig across the bottom and the bass will flat explode on it.

On the rest of the lake, we are fishing Spro Fat Papa crankbaits in nasty shad. The fish seem to be on main lake flat gravel in front of the flooded bushes. We are catching quite a few wallaye as well. A watermelon candy tube and a PB&J Ned rig are taking fish in the same areas when they quite biting the cranks. When its slick and high pressure we have been drop shotting watermelon candy and chompers brown purple laminate worms. The bite is 15 to 22 feet deep.


Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

August 28, 2013

Lake Level: 916.90 (normal 915.0) Water Temp: 81 - 85 Degrees Water Clarity: Clear to slightly stained

Summer fishing here on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri is in full swing. Each day is different and seems to require relocating schools of biting fish. From the dam to the mid lake area, the best bite has been drop shotting chompers worms in watermelon/red and brown/purple combos, and live night crawlers. Early fishing near the bottom on main lake gravel structure 26 to 35 is taking some fish. As the day goes on, fishing tree tops on main lake drops, humps, and bluff ends are taking the bigger bass. Also early in the back of the bigger creeks there is a shallow bite for bass using spit in images and pop r style baits. The James is hit or miss and mostly a miss. From Campbell point to eagle rock the bass are schooling early and can be caught using pop r and super spook jr style baits. The next bite in this area is a oz football jig in green pumpkin tipped with zoom speed craws. The best depth is 18 to 28 for most fish. Drop shotting live crawlers is taking a large number of spotted bass 28 to 35 deep suspended and on the bottom on main lake humps and gravel flats on this area. Deffinetly the best bite on the lake is in this area.

Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

June 10, 2013,

Lake Level: 917.90 (normal 915.0) Water Temp: 72 Degrees Water Clarity: Clear (some areas stained)

Fishing here on Table Rock Lake, located here in Branson, Missouri is still red hot. The fish are moving into the summer patterns. The bigger fish tend to be moving deeper. There are several things working. A majority of the fish are on main lake points just outside spawning areas.

This week we have been Carolina rigging chompers centepedes and chompers skirted grubs in green pumpkin and watermelon candy. The bite can be as shallow as 8 to 15 and as deep as 22 to 30. There is still a good redfin bite early or on overcast days fishing these same areas. Timber seems to help.

The drop shot bite has turned on and the bass are ready and willing to eat. The best bite is on main lake flats and points 22 to 32. The best baits have been chompers drop shot worms in brown/purple, and watermelon red colors.

White bass are taking spoons and pop r style baits on the main lake. Look for the crappie on minnows in deep docks.

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